Perceptual Edge offers three introductory and two advanced courses in visual communication and analysis, which are taught at public workshops in several countries around the world each year and privately for organizations with a minimum of 30 participants. To inquire about private training, please write to

Stephen is a brilliant and effervescent teacher. His passion for his subject and his breadth of knowledge are inspiring. His crystal clear, logical, step-by-step, and interactive method of presenting is both entertaining and invigorating. Stephen Few is a rare find! I'm looking forward to sharing some of Stephen's insights and techniques with my MBA students and continuing my own study in this richly rewarding area.

Paula Ecklund, Professor, Duke University

Dollar for dollar, [this] was the best investment we've made so far in our data warehousing initiative.

Dan Richards, Mgr of Business Intelligence, Veritas Software

One of those enlightening presentations, at once simple, novel, and compelling.

Paul Winsberg, Senior Director, Global 360

I left the seminar…with practical advice that I could apply immediately I have new insight about what graphic tools work best for a given application. I would equate Few's role to that of a good pastor who helped me see the light. If he was leading the Church of Practical InfoGraphics, I would likely be sitting in the front row, "born again", and tithing.

Donald Frederiksen, Professor, Cornell University

Tufte's [seminar] was like a day at the theater of data visualization. It was informative, inspiring, and beautiful. And when it was over, I left feeling energized.

Few's, on the other hand, was more like a three day data visualization and analysis boot camp. It was a non-stop mix of class room work, breakout sessions where you had to complete assignments with a work group, and Q&A sessions, but most of all, it was filled with practical information you could immediately use in the business world.

Michael Gaffney, Principal Software Architect, Boxtone

Show Me the Numbers: Table and Graph Design

This two-day course will teach you how to effectively communicate quantitative business data using tables and graphs. You will learn how to select the appropriate medium of communication (table vs. graph, and which type) and how to visually design each component to express your message clearly and compellingly. (Course Outline)

Each attendee receives a copy of the book Show Me the Numbers: Designing Tables and Graphs to Enlighten, Second Edition.

Information Dashboard Design

Dashboards offer an exciting new way to provide people at a glance with the critical information they must monitor to do their jobs. This full-day course reaches past the hype to give you the unique design skills required to build dashboards that really work. (Course Outline)

Each attendee receives a copy of the book Information Dashboard Design: Displaying Data for At-a-Glance Monitoring, Second Edition.

Now You See It: Visual Data Analysis

Most business data analysis requires skills and practices involving the use of graphs that can be easily learned, but resources that teach them are almost impossible to find. Almost all books and courses on data analysis teach sophisticated statistical and financial analysis techniques, but only about 10% of business data analysis requires them. This full-day course is for those responsible for the remaining 90%. (Course Outline)

Each attendee receives a copy of the book Now You See It: Simple Visualization Techniques for Quantitative Analysis.

Signal: Understanding What Matters in a World of Noise

In this two-day advanced data exploration and analysis course, Stephen Few takes participants beyond the basic skills that are taught in his books Show Me the Numbers and Now You See It to the next level of statistical and data visualization skills that are required for signal detection. Only the signals matter. (Course Outline)

Each attendee receives a copy of the book Signal: Understanding What Matters in a World of Noise.

Advanced Dashboard Design

In this three-day course, Stephen Few will deliver a series of short lectures covering advanced dashboard design topics, in between intensive small-group sessions of hands-on dashboard design. In groups of four, participants work collaboratively to fully design (but not develop) real dashboards of their choosing. With the assistance of fellow participants and Stephen, they proceed step by step through the design process from initial sketching to polished wireframes, which they present to the class on the last day for a final critique. Participants leave the course with a well-designed dashboard in hand and the skills to produce others, again and again. (Course Outline)