Xcelsius Developers Debate the Merits of “Flashy vs. Few”

I just ran across an interesting and thoughtful blog post at EverythingXcelsius.com by Ryan Goodman, the founder of Centigon Solutions, titled “Ryan Goodman’s Take on ‘Flashy vs. Few.'” In it, Ryan responds to a lengthy discussion that has been brewing for awhile among Xcelsius developers about the flashy features of that product versus the best practices of dashboard design that I teach. If the tension between making dashboards flashy or making them effective interests you, I think you’ll find Ryan’s thoughts and the ensuing discussion worthwhile.

Here’s the URL: http://everythingxcelsius.com/2009/07/ryan-goodmans-take-on-flashy-vs-few.html

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One Comment on “Xcelsius Developers Debate the Merits of “Flashy vs. Few””

By Jacques Warren. July 8th, 2009 at 1:01 pm

I didn’t know Xcelcius still had developers.